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From: J Parker

Am at a stage with property investing now where structure needs to be addressed, as well as ways to minimize tax. We realize not all accountants do both accounting and financial advising, however we guess, at this stage, that is what we are looking for! The sought after professionals here seem to be either:

1. Interstate or
2. So busy that they can't give you the face to face time that you need

If anyone in a similar situation to ourselves would like to recommend someone who is accessible and smart with money, I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to e-mail me if you don't want to post names up on the forum.
Any other suggestions would also be welcome ie: for those who are currently set up, do you use both an accountant and a financial structure type professional?
Cheers, Jacque :)
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From: Geoff Whitfield


My apologies for this question.

If you don't want people from interstate- what state are you in (so to speak ;-) )
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From: J Parker

Oh sorry! Good point! I am in NSW
Cheers, Jacque :)
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From: Eric Williams


There are probably quite a few of us in a similar situation with HO HUM type accountants. I'm trying to find a switched on thinks outside the square solicitor in Brisbane.

Eric W.
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