Who is liable for costs of repairs due to re-leakage

We had a roof leak in IP end of last year. Insurance assessed and said they'd cover providing leak is fixed. We got Company A to quote to repair leak, sent to insurance, who were happy. We paid for fixing the leak and insurance paid Company B to have the internal damage repaired.

Recently, 2 months on, the leak has recurred and caused similar internal damage again.

1. We have requested Company A to repair under warranty. I gather they would have to?
2. Would they have to also cover the internal damage, since this occurred because they didn't fix the leak properly in the 1st place? The initial internal repairs costs $900/- (paid by insurance), and I suspect this would cost similar.
3. I don't think insurance would cover this time.

What is Company A will not cover the internal repairs? Any advice appreciated.

MiQu, based on what you said, the repair company should fix, however look at their quote, and in particular what they listed as the "warranty" period. Are they registered with the BSA, as that would give you some degree of come back. Do you self manage, or do you have a PM. This should be dealt with by them. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.