who owns that property

I am activly looking for don't wannas and am looking at vacant properties.

I have found one I am interested in but cant make contact with the owner. I know (from talking with the nieghbours) that it is a deceased estate and the man was single with no dependants and his parents passed away some time ago. Can some body please give me some ideas on finding the (new ) owner's (benaficaries) details.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Try to contact the Probate office, or the State Trustees (It is likely that with no dependants they are looking after the will) or ask the neighbours whether the man was religeous or had any special interests.

Often people with no families will leave their estates to the salvo's, their church or the local dog's home , who are all usually happy to have the house sold quickly.

LEt us know how it goes,

hope this helps

asy :D
thanks guys,

i've already seen the council and no detail have yet been changes regarding who is the owner nor who pays the bills.
I've also checked with public trustees and they don't know of him either. I might go and check with the surrounding neighbours.