Who went to the national achievers congress in sydney?

Just wondering who went and what people got out of it?

I personally liked Tony Robbins even though before i had seen him I hated his guts as i thought he was just all about positive thinking ********. But he actually had alot of great things to say.

I thought Robert Kiyosaki was really good, very inspiring and Mark Rolton did as amazing "performance" on the last day. I think he had atleast 30% of the crowd up way before he had even stated selling his product. He even nearly had me down there he was that convincing about his idea of making money through OPTIONS in property. He made it sound so easy to make big money. But before i went down i thought i better to some background checks on him on this site to find a forum written on him in 2008 with over 5 pages 99% negative on him.

Thank god for forums like this, saved me 5 K.

What did everyone else think?
I didn't learn as much as I thought I would, but don't regret going along. Although there was too much focus on pump-up rather than useful info with a great example being Mal's ridiculous hard sell at the end to the point he was being heckled on stage. The only thing I bought was Anthony's 2 for 1 deal (UTPW2012) as I've gotten a fair bit from his books/audio CDs in the past.
Hi guys,

I'm only 19 so quite new to investing, although I thoroughly enjoyed it. Just about every speaker had good strategies that I will pursue further, and I too was nearly convinced by Rolton. Has anybody had any experience with property options as it seems like a great idea in principle.

I couldn't believe these businessmen/women were sucked into all of these programs that costs lots of money when in all probability one can learn it themselves without paying.

The internet strategies were great and the tax liens is definitely worth considering for my SMSF.

I thought Trump was good, though biased, and Robbins was fantastic. Easily the best three days of my short business life, and met a few good contacts. Mal was a joke toward the end though. Always complaining about lack of time, though his pitch was just as long if not longer than his talk!