"whoops... $100,000 mistake..."



From: G D

Hey...Big mistake in the previous post to topic below...

here are the correct figures...

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From: G D doidge@dataline.net.au
Date: Thursday, May 23, 2002 07:30 AM

Whoops... I wondered why people werent impressed

I posted the "after reno" appraisals as...

$170k -180k



They should have been...

$270k -280k



after a 3 week reno!!

The sworn valuation 4 weeks "before"

was $150k

$120k+ in 3 weeks...for cost of $24k

Thats better!!!!

Sorry about that...

The rent went from $130pw to $250pw too!

Positive cash flow and massive cap gain in just 3 weeks

it doesnt get much better than that...

oh... and its a future development site too

in a blue ribbon area...

cookies... cookies... everywhere

Geoff 1

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From: Adam Randall

Hi Geoff
You have probably answered this many times before, how do you get around capital gains tax when selling, or do you just take it on the chin.
Regards adam
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