Who's retired in this forum??



From: Funky Whuff

Hi all,
Have read a few posts in here about talking to people who have the results you want (something I'm all in favour of), but I'm just wondering how many people in here don't have to work any more because of the passive income their IPs generate. I am just starting out and would love to know there's some light at the end of the tunnel with all this information overload that's happening to me at the moment! I'm very enthusiastic, but would just love a couple of names so I can ask people specifically when I have questions that crop up!
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From: Mike .

Hi Liz,

I doubt that you will find anyone retired and "gone fishing" on this forum. A few can do that now, if they choose to. If they had chosen to do that, why would they be wasting their time on the forum? The millionaires on this forum are actively running investment businesses. They could retire but enjoy what they do too much.

Some people start with a goal to retire early, as I have. But if I enjoy the investing game that much, I might stay active that way even though I've quit my "day" job. We'll see what happens.

Regards, Mike
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From: Michael Yardney

Mike's comments are correct. I slowed down and sort of retired for a while a few years ago and got bored.
It's no fun if there is no one to play with! Most of my friends were busy working.
If you invest wisely in property you will develop a strong passive income stream that will eventually make you financially independent. Then you can decide to go to work or not.
I'm having fun and working harder than ever, but it's my choice!
Michael Yardney
Metropole Properties
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