whose name to go on the title? mine or hubbys?

I'm sure this question has been posted many times before, so if it has recently, my apologies and could someone direct me to that thread.

Anyway, if not, hubby and I are looking to buy another IP. We bought our last few in a HDT but not sure whether to buy any more in that now with the recent rulings. We are pretty tight with servicing on those lenders anyway due to current debts serviced at P&I.

The property we are looking to purchase will have a 6-7% rental yield, so neutral/positive now but unlikely to continue to be so once interest rates increase. I am only working one day a week and trying for a second bub, so going back to full time work is a while away.

Should the title for this new property be in my hubby's name to take advantage of tax breaks, or in mine in the event it will be positively geared in time, or in both our names?

Can u use the DT part of the HDT.

Seeing the Trust side is distributing a rental profit to the unit holders, another neg geared asset within the strutcure will provide gearing within it .

Ps Im neither an accontant, HDT guy or legal person :) , just got lots of clients like you with the HDT issues