Why are my posts/replies awaiting moderator approval ?


I have noticed in one thread (by Rixter), whenever I post a reply, it says your post is awaiting moderator approval. I haven't posted since then but I am guessing it will be the same if I reply to other threads. Can anyone please lemme know why my replies are awaiting mod attention ?

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I don't know why that happened - but I have approved those posts now.

99% of the time that happens for spam. For some strange reason, it occurs for genuine users once in a while.


Yes, this can happen occasionally for new posters - particularly if the anti-spam system matches something like your IP address to a previously known spammer, or if you have links in your posts or such.

If you notice it happen to your posts and they aren't approved by the mods after a short period, feel free to report the posts or contact us to let us know we need to go and check them. It doesn't happen a lot, so it's not something we typically go looking for regularly.