Why do Real Estate Agents ask if

From: Jay Hunter

hi all,

Why do Real Estate Agents ask if I'm buying the unit/house as an investment or a home ?

I'm still looking for a home before I buy my first IP but I think if I tell the agent I'm looking for a home... I will be disadvantaged as they are probably hoping to get the sales commission + rent commission when I rent it out through their agency (big assumption) if I buy it as an investment.

At the end of the day, it may just come down to how much money you put an offer in for but I'm still sure there must be a reason for asking this question.

any thoughts ?
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From: Paul Zagoridis

I agree with Michael, it is really a discussion opener designed to establish rapid rapport. They could comment about the weather but it doesn't gather much info on you.

Also it lets them have a second bite at you if this prop doesn't suit. Often investors and occupiers have radically different need in a property. The question opens a recommendation to look at a different place depending on your answer.

Thirdly it lets them talk about the property in language you'd respond to. Investor? Then they talk about rent return, vacancy rates and tenant demand. Occupier? Talk about reno, growth prospects, pleasant northerly outlook, quiet street, easy kitchen, outdoor BBQ etc.

Saves breath.

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