Why is you partner here/not here?


There's been some GREAT responses to the "why are you here" thread. People have been really open, and willing to share their mistakes as well as their achievements.

Lissy mentioned that her husband had come to her way of thinking by going to an Anthony Robbins seminar.

MrsW was really not with me at all to start with. I had bought a DHA property in 1997, and she was OK with that.

We had the Spann intro tape, and she was all OK with that. But I went to the Spann seminars, and got switched onto a lot of ideas. But MrsW was (obviously) not up with those ideas- and could not quite understand the IP thing.

We went to play a game of Cashflow one night- we did not know much about the game at that stage.

MrsW won the game. (And playing against The Wife!)

And told me afterwards that that was the first time she really understood what I'd been trying to say.

We've been able to work together much better as a result of that understanding.
Mr What If?

My sweetie is a Mr What If? What if it goes wrong? What if the tenants wreck the place? What if this isn't the right location? If, If iF...

He's just fine a year or so down the track. "I'm really glad you bought that house/townhouse/unit..."

Does anyone know of a selective S.O. anastetic? It would be great if I could put the part of his brain that worries asleep for a year or so at a time...


I do love him dearly tho'
i guess I'm lucky - Roy and I work together and we have exactly the same goals, dreams and means of attaining them.

What more could I ask for?
I don't have a partner so am having to do this all alone on a very average single wage. However, my sister and her partner, as well as investor buddies keep me motivated. Perhaps one day I will meet someone who shares the same goals and dreams as I do but until then no-one will get me off track!
My girlfriend (not, partner, a partner is someone you go into business with, not a relationship) is o 100% behind everything I do. That is, I do most of the research and stuff and she helps out with the 'let's not spend all our money, but save it so we can become financially independent' stuff. Not that she doesn't want to be right up there with me helping with everything, but she has other fish to fry, and you'll all find out about that in a little while.

'no hat, some cattle'
Originally posted by asy

Since I met my partner IN the chat room.....

I guess I win!


asy :D

Is that why you spend so much time in the chat room Asy?

Time for a new partner? ;)

Sue reads the forum over my shoulder most nights and is very much an active partner is our investing. She's just silent on the forum for her own reasons!

hi all

To have a partner who is pulling in the same direction from day one would be a bonus,hoever if your current partner is not currently doing so be patient eventually they will come around !

After seeing me lose alot of money AND ALOT MORE TIME in failed business ventures and MLM schemes (amway,ect...)my wife was reluctant to "risk losing the house" to get an ip.

I have no regrets trying these things,the experience is invaluable.

Property is a passion with me and although my wife ,doesnt have that burning motivation,she is starting to experience the financial rewards of property investment,and is now the first to open the r/e section of the local paper every morning to see how we are doing.
So hang in there persistance beats resistance.

rob paul
So far, I have to admit, my wife is not the least bit interested in investing.

Here parents have been extremely influential (not purposely) in that area. My wife's father is now deceased and her mother lives with us, but their idea of investing was to "put your money in the bank", perhaps a term deposit.

I am having a lot of trouble convincing my wife to give it a go. In the end she will probably relent and allow me to try "our" hand at investing, but until I turn her around I know there may well be a big fat "I told you so" if something goes wrong.

It may be easier when our own home is paid off, and for me that is perhaps one of the biggest decisions we have to make (start now, or plough as much $ as we can to paying off our home).

Even convincing her that we should start a managed fund for our daughter when she was born (we put $100 a month away for her until she is 18) was hard to get past the starting line.

It hasn't helped that most funds have taken a hammering in recent times - luckily she doesn't watch the balance day-to-day and so I haven't had any "I told you so's" from that. She does realise that this _is_ a long term investment and short term volatility is expected (I've at least got that point across).

Interestingly, my wife is a good manager of money and can be a very good saver, too. But on the other hand, she does not want for much, does not really consider our future in 30+ years, assuming it will take care of itself.
I am nearly a property investor, if it wasn't for my wife I may never have been! It is only recently that I have come to the realisation that I must take control of my future. My wife however has been quite keen for such a long time. I was unable to come to understand that there are two types of debt, good and bad. My wife, bless her cotton socks, stood her ground and gently assisted me. We have just recently purchased our first IP and look forward to settlement in December. I have been reading the posts on the forum for some time and have gained a great deal of knowledge from the posts and replies. I hope that one day I will be able to assist others, just like I have been. Thank You Forum
Why are you here?

Hi there.

I believe that I read in one of Jan Somer's books that she had originally had a video out. Would anyone have that video and be willing to sell/lend it to me? I think that it might encourage my husband to become interested in property investing.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Gunna,

When you have an unwilling partner, it's very difficult to point anything their way (I speak from experience!)

Videos, books, whatever- you're going to sound like a new convert to a religion if you push it.

Cashflow worked with MrsW. But that was just because it clicked close to her thinking.

In the current climate of gloom and doom, you husband might even be right. For now. I get impressions on an uncertain future.

Be gentle with him. Don't push. Suggest quitely. And try to work together with him.

Maybe even a Steve Navra course might help- $250 for a weekend, he's got some very good ideas, and presented without a lot of the hyope that some people don't like about other presenters.
Hi Gunna,
I purchased the video a few years ago to introduce the concept of property investment to my younger brothers.
The video did not motivate my brothers nor did it help them grasp the concept. It actually made it harder to convince them to buy IP's.
Considering the high quality books Jan has written - the video was a disappointment. In the end, I was able to coerce one brother to read her books (the other refuses to read anything) but they are now both property investors - because I found the properties for them and insisted they buy them!
They love their big sister now!!!!
I agree about the video Crystal.

I also bought it a number of years ago as a possible way of 'introducing' IP to someone. While its content was probably ok, it wasn't exactly 'inspirational' and probably leaned towards being a bit boring for a newcomer.

It appeared to be done quite a few years ago and probably reflected some of the 'earlier' Somers communication era. I'm not really 'bagging' it. As I said, the content was quite factual but it could probably be 'spruced up' a bit to better suit the market and also have a general update..

Hey........maybe it's time for a new video Jan?