Why the Change in Name?

From: Nigel Kibel

Advertisements appearing in the weekend newspapers advertising forthcoming seminars were placed under the name of - "National Investment Institute".

In reading the ads, it appears evident that these ads reflect a new image and new name for Investment Source (Henry Kaye).

We wish to publicly state that "National Investment Institute" is in no way associated with or related to The Investment Institute.

We take strong exception to the use of this name and are seeking advice as to our options. We can't help but wonder two things:

Why the change in name and direction?
Why choose a name so closely linked to ours?

We felt it important to make this posting to avoid possible confusion resulting from these advertisements and company name.

Nigel Kibel
The Investment Institute
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From: Sergey Golovin

Maybe merger is looming on the horizon?

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From: Michael McDonald

I think it's more involved than that. I hear that (allegedly) Henry Kaye is facing a Class Action law suit and is (allegedly) under investigation from various authorities.

Interesting to note that when you go to his website (which used to be very comprehensive) it is now under construction.

I also saw the ad in the paper, and no reference of Henry Kaye in the ad. Perhaps he is trying to distance himself yet still maintain a company.

Just my thoughts.
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From: Anonymous

What's in a name and who really cares. HK is planning to launch in the USA as soon as possible.

I suppose the name change reflects a new marketing direction in Australia perhaps with a new front person?

Anyway, and with all due respect Nigel, the II is a small player and one could argue a non entity in the IP scheme of things.

Didn't your Director(s) have something to do with Custodian Wealth Builder?
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