Why there is no camera in the new iPad

Moses attempts to take a photo with an earlier prototype of the iPad with the built-in camera

Given it's a property forum I cam in expecting a thread about the Adelaide iPad apartments lol

Interesting to see Apple got their iPad mentioned on the site as well:

Wonder how much they paid for that.
People are complaining because the ipad doesnt have a phone - reminds me of the US where people walk around with gigantic ghetto blasters on their shoulders!

The ipad is supposed to be an advanced ebook reader that can download newspapers. It is not supposed to be an alternate phone, mp3 player, or even computer. I think they look great but will probably not upgrade from the kindle which I love.
I don't see why the iPad couldn't double as a phone with a BT headset.

There are models with 3G access, so that shouldn't be an issue. Actually, if the iPad has BT connectivity (which I'm sure it does), and can run some sort of software that allows VoIP or GSM calls, then it probably will be used as a phone by some.
i can't see the point, especially if it doesn't have phone or camera capacity. notebooks are so slim and small already - and have an inbuilt keypad - or you can use your iphone. what is the point of the ipad if you have to carry your phone around anyhow? there is nothing an ipad can do that a standard notebook can't.
I'd buy it over the Kindle for ebooks. Overall I think it's a very impressive unit.

My only problem with this, and the iPhone, is that you must use them in conjunction with iTunes & iApps. Apple wants to use the product in the way you like to, but you'll only be able to load it with applications they allow and interface it in the ways they allow. It's a very closed system.
well, their i-phone sucks too....cos its camera doesn't have a flash.

Even in good lighting, the photos are still not very good, just like you'll get from any phone camera, since the ccd is so tiny, but to be fair, for how tiny camera phones are, they do a pretty good job I guess.
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Even in good lighting, the photos are still not very good, just like you'll get from any phone camera, since the ccd is so tiny, but to be fair, for how tiny camera phones are, they do a pretty good job I guess.

Vin, I am happy with my Nokia phone.....with flash.
95% of the time, it satisfies..... because I am over carrying 2 camera bodies, 3 lenses, polarizing, UV, & 2 special effect filters, and external flash, and extenders....

and I don't bother printing anymore. am happy to view 800x600 on a LCD screen, as are most people I know.

Laughed out loud the other day in the local Apple shop. The guy was demonstrating the latest Apple offerings to me.

I said "Mate, I have a spreadsheet with macros in it. Can an apple handle that?"

"Sure" he said. So he fires up MS Excel for Macs.....and....whatdya know.....doesn't handle macros......(which I knew, but thought I'd let him find out)

"No Problemo" my tech savvy Apple-phile in blue exclaims...."Apples have virtual PC mode"......so he goes to fire up virtual PC mode to get XPP running.....and 3 minutes later, is still trying.....which is around when I laughed and asked him to call me when he got it working, as I had to go and place an e-order with Woolies for a home delivery. :)
The flash does help, and it is very nice having a tiny still & video camera in the pocket instead of having to carry the big camera bag around. Being able to email the pic you just took is very nice aswell.

But when i see the pic I took with my phone on a decent screen, I often wish I had the SLR with me for that shot :mad:

It will be very nice indeed, when camera phones are capable of producing images as good as or better than a current compact camera, but then again, imagine how good cheap SLRs will be by then... full frame perhaps :eek:
Adelaide's iPad apartments aren't the only ones with a name problem.

From the SMH: Bra inserts and engines: iPad name not original

here's a quote from that link you posted:

Amid the hype about Apple's latest offering, the device has been hailed as an "iPhone on steroids" and a "Kindle killer" that will upstage electronic book readers, but also mocked on chatrooms for evoking a feminine hygiene product.

Now what kind of lout would post something like that on the internet :confused: