Wooden house concern


I am considering buying my first IP which is a house sitting on 300m2 land approx. The largest concern for me at the moment is the fact that it is a wooden house about 100 years old. While it has been owner-occupied and the owner has taken great care of it, I am conscious of the ongoing costs and maintenance.

What should I watch out for here? I'm in the process of requesting for building & pest inspections. But from what I've read, sometimes these reports don't give you enough details.

I'm quite new to this whole process so don't really know what I should personally be looking for, roof, gutter, sewage, water system? etc.

Any help is much appreciated!
What should I watch out for here?
In a 100 year old house you have to watch out for almost everything :p

I'm in the process of requesting for building & pest inspections. But from what I've read, sometimes these reports don't give you enough details.
Why don't you wait until these reports are in - I'm sure they will be a real eyeopener for you. :)

Wherabouts is this house? That might help with the advice.
I have two timber Ips. One is a 50+ yo fibro job and the other is a 50+ yo weatherboard.
The weatherboard is fine as its been heavily renovated with new roof ,restumped and doubled in size so very little original timber left. What is left is well painted and will honestly last longer than i will i think.

The fibro house is a little rougher but after a complete paint job in and out. There is no deterioration except for some rot in one window. Its actually a very solid house.

Something to think about is build quality. My ppor is your standard project home build. And the bricks will probably be the only thing that lasts longer than my timber homes. They dont make them like this anymore.A well looked after older home will outlast i believe. Both mine have been rewired with new fuse boxes so thats good. I may have to consider repalcing the gal pipe in one as the years roll on but not yet.

I cinsidered replacing the ORIGINAL kitchen cabinets but went with a paint instead. Reason being was it was all solid wood with full stainless steel tops. My 10 year old project home kitchen is stuffed already. So why remove something that has lasted with something that will die quicker. same goes for the bathroom. Vert funky colour scheme but still solid as a rock.

Just my thoughts. After owning two now timber does not bother me if its in the right location and condition.

I live in a timber house. Built 1921. They certainly don't build them like this anymore. Solid as a rock! I haven't come across a nail than can be hammered straight into the timber studs yet. I do need new galv pipe for the water and a new meter box but thats about it.
I recently stripped the horrible aluminium cladding off to reveal beautiful solid timber weatherboards. All they needed was a clean and a few coats of paint.

Interesting to see the news footage of the recent twister that went through Lennox head NSW. I noticed the Mcmansion type homes were blown apart and in contrast the old timber homes had a bit of tin gone from the roof.

As long as the property is straight and not eaten away by rot or termites I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'd be more concerned about how a newly built house is going to last.
Thanks guys!

This house is actually a semi, sharing one brick wall on the left. The rest is timber; it's still in beautiful consideration as the owner has taken pretty good care of it. Termite inspection & cleaning every 2 years; last time it was given an exterior paint was about 7 years ago. She has also renovated the roof and put 2 layers of insulation. I'm not sure if this is over-doing it, but it looks to be in good shape. :p

I've also forgot to mention there's a sewer easement running across the backyard (no development on top yet). I've read this thread


which seems to indicate that it's not a deal breaker. Just that I've spoken to a few people who previously worked in real estate that they said resale is a huge issue and pricing is always lower for houses with sewage easement running through.

I'm a little confused (and concerned here)..

Thanks so much for any feedback guys. I'm a total noob and this forum has been quite educational so far!