Wooloworths Everyday Rewards

I am loving these Woolies everydays rewards points... getting around 300 Qantas Frequent Flyer points/weeks since they came in, without changing my shopping habits at all. With my credit card earning 1.5 points/$ spent, EDR has really added to it:)
Yes, must admit I am a fan too....I haven't changed my shopping habits either, still get fruit and veg elsewhere etc, but will generally try to choose Woolies over Coles if I need to go to the supermarket....

Yep, also a member. Am just collecting those FF points until there's enough for a good airfare/s, e.g New York, Germany etc.

I've got a sneaking suspicion that Woolworths marketing are rubbing their hands together with glee since this has been introduced. They can now associate the items you buy, the store you buy them from and where you buy the petrol, as the Rewards Card is now linked to an identifier - you.

The FF points are great though. Long live ignorance!