Hi there,
I've been a long time reader of Jan Somers books, admittedly I should have put them in to practice a decade ago, but have recently decided to get serious about the prospect of entering the real estate market. Having read Jan's book a couple of times I'm enthusiastic about property but found myself wondering about the details, and what it would mean for my the quality of my life moving forward.

I'm a web and app developer so decided to put my skills to use in helping me make decisions about how to move forward, the end result this:


It's a visualiser I'm working on that's designed to interactively allow you to see the impact of different purchasing decisions and the options that then gives you in the future to make more purchases in order to grow a portfolio. It's in very early stages at the moment but I thought this might be the best time to get feedback from people on forums like this one as to how it could be improved and to see if there was any interest in taking a project like this to the point where it becomes a polished piece of software.

Here's a link: Real time investment visualiser/

Any feedback always welcome and if you'd like to try it out for yourself, feel free to message me and I can provide you with an early experimental release.

Hey codeandvisual,

Wheres the dynamic visualiser ya wanted tested?

Off or on topic?getting alot of spam lately :(

Cheers Spades.
Real time property investment visualiser - a prototype.


Thanks to all the people that got in contact and were interested in the project. I've just uploaded a video of the visualizer in action, hopefully it explains the concept a bit more :)

You can view here: http://www.codeandvisual.com/real-time-property-investment-visualiser-prototype-video/

I've been busy actually using it to help determine my own personal investment strategy which is part of the reason it's taken a while to post back, not sure if there's enough interest to develop it further but if you want a tool like this, let me know.
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Part of me thinks you are way over thinking it, part of me thinks if it helps the super analyser to enter then all the best! Just don't wait another decade.
I agree about entering the market Mr chomp - but just to clarify, I haven't been working on the visualiser for 10 years ;) Put the idea of property ownership to the side and decided to travel instead, but now it's back to business.
Definitely looks interesting. I didn't particularly mean you were over analysing, just some people I know who have been 'thinking' about buying but can't take the jump. Hopefully your program will help them get the confidence to jump.