would you like a garden with that? (Meccano set apartments)

we have a brooklyn in melbourne out in the western burbs :)

I love this sorta stuff thanks for the link i am building in regional and we are planning on using a transportable I can't believe all this isn't being done more often it makes sense to make stuff in a 'factory' environment rather than on site.
another impressive aspect here is that as an investor there's an opportunity to minimise the loss of rental income. Get the units built in factory; and then 2 weeks to bulldoze old and install new on-site.

Kudos to these guys since they have managed to pull it off for 63 apartments; and the finished product doesn't look that bad (in the domain listing picture). I work in the cbd fringe (vic harbour/dockalnds) and will be making a trip down to russell place to check it out myself.
Lets see.
Maybe if you take the view that this would be ideal student accom then the wealthy O/S students daddies wouldnt be buying up inner city areas pushing up prices to the ridiculous levels they are getting too at the moment in Melb.
I think this type of building will do well is specific areas for specific purposes.