Would you move?

From: Cathy Baxter

Would you move?

We (hubby & I) have been discussing (arguing)about growth in our city.

So we pose this question if you were able to move from the big city (Sydney or Melbourne for example) where would you go?

1. out of the state
2. coastal or hinterland your state
3. regional - ie inland your state eg : New England in NSW?

Don't answer - would not move. This is for those escaping the city.

Thanks in anticipation - we love your input.

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From: Dave :)

Hi Cathy,

I'd move coastal anyday. Even more beautiful and peaceful than a country town. Plus, waterfront property should provide far better growth. Look at the coastal areas of Victoria such as Torquay Lorne, and Appollo Bay. The people who moved there to get away from the big cities 5 years ago are now starting to realise they are sitting on a goldmine.

Just my opinion.


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From: Robert Longmore

i think that kind of question can only be answered by you. Totally depends on if you are looking for a lifestyle! if your looking for Investment outside the Big Smoke, then coastal would be my go. but for a lifestyle i would go for Large acherage Moderately hilly with enough flat land for my own airstrip and hanger for my plane collection. but that is my dream, other might prefer the coastal beach lifestyle, others prefer mountainous regions. totally up to you.

sorry, miss read the question, as long as i have a big hardwood, open plan house, with double hangar, and a 1000 mtre airstrip, im happy, preferably in the northern rivers region, around Port maquarie or Kempsey. :)
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