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From: Rick Otton

Many wrapper have asked the association if it could supply members a list of wrap friendly solicitors and conveyancers in their area so this list can be given out to the purchasing buyers.
the benefit here is that he purchaser can, if he so wishes, pick anybody he chooses from the list to represent him but the wrapper can rest easy that at least the buyers legal representative will be familiar with the paperwork.

I have been using such a list for awhile for my own business and it has proved to be immensely successful....here is what I've found

a/ the buyer goes where ever he wishes but has a list to start from
b/ the people your buyer contacts from the list will normally cost the buyer about 50% of what unfamiliar legal representation costs
c/ as a result the buyer decides on one from the list made available to him
d/ your assured the people on the list know all about the grant and correct completion of the paperwork associated with that so you get your money fast
e/ the people on the list do the correct paperwork verifying the buyer has had the contract explained to him therefore he knows exactly what he is doing.

I have been in discussions with and are meeting with the conveyancers assn of N.SW. who have already been shown some of our paperwork and they have proposed that their members will represent our buyers for approx $200 .
I have plans to meet with their Q.L.D.affiliates this coming week but meanwhile if wrappers would like to submit by email or otherwise wrap friendly solicitors or conveyancers that they have used or their buyers have had dealings with then we will compile this by state and make this available to association members Australia wide...

I think this will finally help solve the issue of buyers pulling out of contracts

on another issue ,people have called or emailed to ask if the association accepts credit cards, well the good news is yes starting this week.The web master has yet to make the changes to the site but if you wish you may phone us to join over the phone, or go to www.financewraps.asn.au and fax us the application or for those in Q.L.D. pop along to the freestylers monthly meeting this week where guests are welcome and i'll be talking about the association, vendor finance and probably having a few laughs.....
......now off to sort out this ridiculous land tax issue...

P.S. here are those details again for those in Q.L.D.

Venue; Metropolitan Motor Inn

“The Bronze Room”

106 Leichhardt Street Spring Hill

Free Parking Available 7.30pm

14th November 2001
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From: Duncan M

I cant help but feel the concept of providing a Buyer with a list of solicitors and a pre-agreed discounted fee for their services is tainted.

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From: Michael G


I've been wrapping, and I've encounted problems with solicitors who are unfamiliar with the idea of vendor financing and are creating problems with the whole process, this includes basic items in relation to rights for the FHOG.

The idea is to create a list of solicitor who are familiar with the documents and processes, so buyers may select from.

It is not intended to be a referral sheet or a recommendation sheet, just an infomation sheet. Of course if they have a family solicitor who can act for them, that is fine.

But I have encountered solicitors who have even refused to discuss the matter with their clients, ie, not even discuss the matter before sending a contract back.

It would be (I believe) similiar in nature to what the Law society has on their website, a tool to allow people to generate a list of advisors who specialise in a particular area.

We have commercial, industrial, retail property lawers, now we want a vendor financier list of property lawers :)

The choice, in the end is still with the buyer. This is what we (I) still accept and agree to in the end.

Michael G.
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