Wrapping Properties In Australia



From: Hans Jakobi

Just wanted to let you know that Australia's #1 Property Wrap Expert Steve McKnight has just released his "Wrap Secrets Revealed Library" containing over 8 hours of video, audio and 6 detailed workbooks that guide you through the accounting and legal aspects to wrapping as well as all the proven tips, strategies and techniques that he uses to get his deals over the line. This is the only course of its kind in Australia.
For more information go to www.supersecrets.com, email me at wealth@supersecrets.com and we'll be happy to answer any questions
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From: Jude H

I do believe we have just been spammed ladies and gentlemen.
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From: The Wife

I do agree with you Jude !

~Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all~
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From: Dave :)

I agree with you two ladies.

(don't hold it against me, ok?) :)

...but the SPAM works, so people will continue to do it.


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From: Robert Forward

But the real question is, was the SPAM from Hans Jakobi himself or from an imposter.....

But that is my thought.

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From: Michael G


I must admit, I'd be kinda shocked if that was Hans himself that wrote that post.

Wonder what Steve has to say about this?

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From: Anonymous

Hi Robert and Michael,

Seems Hans has done a deal with Steve to market the product. However, Inner Circle members of "wealthtipsonline" will get a better deal to buy.
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From: Steve McKnight


I've just heard about this post and even though it's 6:30pm on a Sunday night and I'm all sweaty after playing basketball, I wanted to post a reply.

I agree that the post is offensive and I'd like to apologise on behalf of Hans. I'll speak with him first thing tomorrow morning and make it clear that conduct like this is not acceptable.

My reading of the situation is that Hans just became a little excited and acted without thinking or re-reading his post.

I'm satisfied my product is of such quality that these sorts of marketing techniques are not needed.

Once again, please accept my apologies if you are offended.

Steve McKnight
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From: Hans Jakobi

I apologise if I caused offence by posting the message about Steve McKnight's course on Friday. It was certainly not intended to upset anyone. I have had many requests from people around Australia for information about wraps and until now have not been able provide anything. I was most impressed with Steve McKnight's course and thought that people on this forum may be interested to know about it.

Many people are paying a lot of money to learn about wraps either overseas or from overseas speakers and I was excited that Steve's course is written by an Aussie for Australian conditions and is excellent value for money.

The question of wraps have arisen on this forum before so that's why I thought of raising it here.

I understand now that the message was too promotional and may therefore be considered as spam. I apologise if I upset anyone.

Keep investing and I wish you the best of wealth

Hans Jakobi
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