Wraps in WA

'Evening All

On the old forum (about 18 months ago or so) I recall a thread regarding the above topic. I have tried in vain to recover it from archives. Can someone lend me assistance with this one please?

Essentially the discussion centred on the legality of wrapping in WA being under considerable scrutiny. Does anyone know if it has finally been accepted here?

If forumites have been successfully engaging in wraps in WA I would greatly appreciate feedback from you as I am comtemplating the concept with one of my properties.

Kind regards
Ian (WA)
Hi Ian,

Here in WA you need to get a credit providers license.

If you are interested a local WA Property Millionaire is having a book launch for his 2nd book ( It's easy to be a property multi millionaire) at the Langley Hotel this Wed 6th 2002. Tickets are Free to attend.

This book is specifically about Wrapps & Lease Options. Check out his website for Book Launch Details at -

G'day Rixter

Thanks for the reply....appreciated!

Won't be getting to the book launch as I am residing in Karratha ;>)

If I may delve a tad further???.....have you wrapped here yourself, if so, how did you find the experience and process?

Kind regards