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Dear Michael
I am very new to all this and certainly interested in wrapping. I have tried to read so much over the last month, now have totally confused myself and don't even know why I would want to wrap.
I have three properties that I could perhaps wrap, with purchasers available on two of them, present good tenants.I will probably have to refinance to do it and their did lie my problem. Until now I have forgotten what I was trying to achieve.
Oh dear
Oh dear now I see my whole email address and name is coming up, so I have had to put it as anonymous, sorry. I have registered under my nickname but everywhere I go it gives my full name
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From: Michael G


When one wraps, all they are trying to do is create a fixed cashflow stream for a long period of time. This cashflow is usually created by sacrificing any potential capital gain, because you have basically sold the house and any growth is now the possession of the new owner.

There are numerous reasons to wrap, but usually its not for property investment, but it can be used to change the factors of a property investment.

The initial setup time and effort and cost of implementing a wrap is best utilised by doing multiple deals, not just one. In that sense its better thought of a a startup business, then a small property investment.

You are more than welcome to email me at [email protected], if you wish to discuss your own situation privately. Though I can't say whether wraps will be the solution you seek.

The idea is not to do wraps because it sounds cool, but because it fits in with bigger goals.

Michael G.
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