Yarraville (VIC) 830+ Sqm Subdivision

Hi all,

am needing help with some good resources (architect & town planner) for our recently purchased property in Yarraville.

NOTE: theres a heritage overlay on the existing house, however with more than 450sqm of vacant land in the back and a 2.8+ wide long driveway i'm sure things can still be done to the back (say 2-3 units, or more?)

anyone has any dealings with architects who specializes in narrow blocks (12.19m total width) and dealing with blocks that has a heritage overlay?

:D thx all!
Hi smart
2.8 metres is definitely on the narrow side, hopefully you will be able to find at least 3m for a common driveway.

Development potential in a heritage precinct often depends on neighbourhood character... i.e. are there examples of battle-axe allotments in the neighbourhood, does local policy encourage infill development in the area etc.

Best advice, contact a tp familiar with the lga :)
You need a professional that knows what they're doing. Having someone familiar with the council is good too.

Also make sure the professional considers your construction costs and the type of dwelling in demand when the time comes to the design.

thanks Nash, so you're suggesting a TP prior to an Architect? if so any recommendations on a good TP that knows the area and lga?

Hi smart

My suggestion would be to have a tp review the planning framework against your development scheme before spending $$ on plans ect. Plenty of qualified and experienced planners about, pm me if you would like a contact or two.
Hi smart,

There is definitely scope to develop the rear of your property with in my opinion up to 3 units if design allows for this (single or double storey). Building to the rear of the existing dwelling should not have an impact on the heritage values of the area, which is characterised by the workers cottages on narrow lots, as long as the existing dwelling remains in tact.

Given that there a number of new dwellings on adjacent lots which are of a contemporary design and two storey with basement garage, design of the proposed units would not be too limited however I would still be sympathetic to the existing heritage character of the area which is outlined in the Planning Scheme.

Although there are no nearby examples of what you proposed, your lot is rather unique with only a few other lots of the same size and dimensions in the immediate area.

Some other comments:
- The property is constrained by the Development Contributions Overlay so charges will be payable to the Council for any new dwellings;
- The council requires a minimum of 3m between the eaves and boundary for an accessway. Was the 2.8+ measured from the eaves or the wall? Also are there any windows to habitable rooms facing onto the current driveway? This will be taken into consideration with regards to access to the rear.

I also need to add that under the recently introduced planning reforms to the residential zones that areas of heritage significance have been identified as areas to be re-zoned as Neighbourhood Residential Zones. This may place restrictions on future development by introducing:
- an 8m maximum building height;
- a minimum lot size for subdivision; and
- a restriction of two dwellings per lot.
wonderful info! im really worried about the existing driveway situation as 2.8m is the measurement between the exterior wall and the fence, if you are looking at it from the eaves to the fence its no where close to 2.8m.... :(
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I have seen a development where they cut back the eaves to meet the driveway measurement. I thought it would look funny when I saw them doing it but you didnt notice it in the end. Doubt you could do that to a heritage listed property though