Yarraville - what about it?

Just wondering what everybody thinks about Yarraville. I know it's had it's massive boom/gentrification/re-birth... but what now? Has it plateaued? Is there more growth on the cards? I haven't seen much about it specifically on this forum, yet it's such a thriving suburb, I keep thinking of it as the inner-west Fitzroy?

What does everyone think?
Yarraville is a beautiful suburb. I think it will grow in a similar pattern to your Brunswick's, Fitzroy's and such after they had their boom.

That said, over the past year the median (for houses) has only gone up $17,000, yet increased by $80,000 between 2012 and 2013.

Hi Yarraville,

Is a great area :) rental demand is strong and in my opinion the area will continue to grow.

Allot of people would love to live in the area but allot of people have been pushed out so many opt to rent.

Another area nearby to keep an eye on is Seddon...
Depends on whether you are looking to live there or invest.

It has seen some great capital growth in the last 20 years but it's starting to get a bit expensive now and there is probably better value elsewhere if looking to invest although I'm sure it will continue to do well.

If looking to live there, then it's a great suburb, close to the city, freeway, vibrant village life etc etc.

The Yarraville gardens project may cause a bit of an over supply if it ever gets off the ground. However, the proposed truck on/off ramps from the westgate bridge will take trucks off certain streets which will can only be a good thing for the suburb.