Yield able to support continued capital growth ?

We have invested in prime inner areas of Melbourne over the years .The IP s that we have have shown strong capital growth and we have been happy with the houses as investments .
We would like to continue to invest in similar houses , but as the rents on our houses have failed to keep pace with the CG , the yield has decreased over time . I am struggling to see how the CG can continue if the rents can’t at least increase at a similar rate ?

The houses that we own are in areas that are Owner Occupier dominated , and this tends to underpin the price , but with rents not increasing , even with lower interest rates, holding costs are becoming more onerous .

Opinions , please ?
why do people work backwards?

CG will grow because there is demand for the area. if there's demand to live there RENTS RISE.

values don't fall to make yields better. yields rise to make values better.

that is, unless you're in a depressionist economy.