Youi insurance

G'day all,

Does anyone happen to use Youi for insurance? ( I'm sure most would have seen the annoying ads.

Actually more specifically if anyone uses them and has made a claim I'd appreciate hearing your comments on them as a whole. I'm looking to use them for car insurance as they are quite bit cheaper.

I know cheap doesn't usually equal good but it's about a $500 difference between the current insurer.

there is also another one, i think it is.
you purchase kms from them in packs

good idea, i was thinking to insure my weekend car with them, since i only drive it once a fortnight. but they cannot give a quote for it online as it's modified import, and i couldn't be bothered calling them yet.
Thanks, I'll have a look at

I've since decided against Youi though, the excess on an unlisted driver is an additional $2K :eek: