Your opinion please

Hi folks,

Would love your vote and opinion on which logo I should choose for my latest venture - AdShirts

AdShirts will be the world's first digital human billboard network.

Ideally, the logo you help choose will be used across print and the web and will scale from tiny Twitter profile image, business card size right up to giant billboards/

Your feedback is appreciated.
Of all these, 144 works best.

However, they're all far too detailed and complex to work as a global brand across a range of mediums though -- especially at small scales.

I'd advise paring it back and working with a logotype (letters with modifications only/tweaks, not detailed illustrations). Logos aren't meant to be pictures. Save that stuff for supplementary collateral like website imagery, stationery, packaging and the like. The logo should be strong, simple and very clear. Especially if it's going to be seen on visually dense places like the web. The name itself already suggests ads on shirts, no need to repeat it visually to the detriment of brand strength.

A good designer will be able to convey the same concepts without having to integrate silhouettes of 4 people, or a world map. However, you get what you pay for and 99designs is not the spot for a brilliant brand -- it's a place for students still studying design, and non-designers who found a copy of photoshop, to make pocket money.

That said, if you just want something to get off the ground, have them clean up and simplify 144. See how the business goes and re-address the brand before it grows.

Have a look at this:


See the arrow hidden between the E and x? It represents speedy transport/shipping of goods. So does the name itself, which the designer actually suggested condensing down from Federal Express, to again convey a sense of speed and that they don't mess around with unnecessary crap. They just delivery stuff. Fast. Notice too, that only two colours are used.
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charttv, none of them really jump out at me.

I also think it needs to be simpler.

Is it worth paying more on 99designs to attract a better designer?
Of what you have I'd suggest a variation of 144 , reverse the colour of add and shirts .

On Richards comments , is there a way to incorporate the t of shirts as an image of a T shirt or just " ad shirts " in the silouete of a T SHIRT . More to the point and shows exactly what you on about .

Talk to me about a commission ...,:D