Hi there,

We have recently setup a website for property advertising by either owner or estate agents. It is free for private advertisers, agents get 12 months free trial (no obligations) and there is a small membership fee after that.

You can advertise in any of the following categories: Residential Sales, Rentals, Holiday Rentals, Commercial Sales, Commercial Lease, Rural and Land.

Also, people who are looking for property can register their interest for free - specify their requirements to the smallest detail. Property owners and estate agents can then match their properties with these stored requirements i.e. property type, suburb, price range, number of bedrooms etc.

Please have a look at for more information. Let me know if you have any questions.
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Hi Jerry,

Unfortunately, your post constitutes advertising because you are affilliated with that business. Although, other real estate related links have been posted here before, they were posted by investors without a direct association with the business and were posting the link to raise our awareness of sites which may be of use or interest to other investors. EG:

Advertising is generally prohibited except for a couple of exceptions. It is allowable to include your business name in your signature. Hopefully, this acts as an incentive for business professionals to post regularly and to get the business name displayed more often.

One forum which allows a limited form of advertising is Caveat Emptor. However, if the advertising just amounts to "Hey everyone, look at my business" this is considered spamming and posts of this kind are quickly removed. What is allowed on CE are posts which have some educational quality and promote discussion.

To clarify this issue the forum administrators are developing a netiquette page outlining the Do's and Don'ts of posting to the forum.

Jerry, I hope you are not offended by this post and will continue to use this forum both to educate others and for your own research. Best wishes.

Regards, Mike
Hi Mke,

I am not offended by your post and I apologise for posting a message that is considered advertising material, I was hoping it would be useful for some people.


I reckon you were being a little harsh on Jerry there. Personally, I don't reckon it's spam. It's not like Jerry just jumped on, planted an ad and that's it. He contributes to the forum, so he's a little bit known. Also, the service is FREE for private advertisers and agents get a free twelve month trial. Ya can't complain about that. Is it really spam if the service being offered costs nothing? I don't reckon. What do others think?

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