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    Subject to Finance

    sounds like two conditions not just one - conveyancer /solicitor can advise you correctly according to state/territory
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    Building reports

    am buying in Marrickville area of Sydney does anyone know of a good company to carry out building report and also any good companies to do pest and plumbing anything I should look out for and be careful of? thanks
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    Property purchase using SMSF funds?

    Smsf :)is there anyone out there who has set up their own SMSF, what were the obstacles, what would you do differently?
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    To sell ppr or convert to ip

    sell In all honesty I would sell the first PPR then no Capital Gains, from the sale you put more $ into your new mortgage (reducing that) but leave some cash to but an IP because then you can claim back mortgage and running costs in your tax return. If you keep your current PPR then you'll...
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    What is an acceptable capital growth?

    double the value I usually sell once my IP has doubled in value because I believe it has had its growth cycle especially if this has been achieved in under 4/5 years. sell up and go to the next growth place and purchase another 2 or 3 IP's with the profit. and no starting at 45-47 is not...
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    Property purchase using SMSF funds?

    loans how easy / hard is it to get loans under SMSF?
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    Property purchase using SMSF funds?

    Please explain
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    Ipswich - Quantity Surveyors

    thanks thanks guys will follow up
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    Ipswich - Quantity Surveyors

    HI have been trying to get a depreciation schedule for my IP in Ipswich but have not bee able to find anyone locally to do it. Even my PM couldn't help. Have checked out and rung up all the local surveyors in the yellowpages and each company told me they don't do this sort of...