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    Hybrid Trusts

    Reply: 1.1 From: Even Steven Guys Did I just hear you say that one can hold their properties in a trust and still claim negative gearing? Presumably one can only claim the loss against other income in the trust, not against, say, personal salary. Steve
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    Houses v Flats

    From: Even Steven Hi guys Has anyone considered the pros and cons of houses v flats as an IP. I sure would like to know your thoughts. Steve
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    104787 Logins

    From: Even Steven I just checked to see who had the most logins. Only one person logged in more than 3000 times and that was Jerry McGuire with 104787 logins!?! What the...
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    Henry kaye Articles

    Reply: 1.1 From: Even Steven Mike I'd be really grateful if you could email the copies. Thanks
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    No Topic

    Reply: 1.1.1 From: Even Steven If you don't have a bath where are you going to put the beer if you have a party.
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    The Wife on Today Tonight!

    Reply: 2.1 From: Even Steven I also watched the whole program and was left high and dry. Does anybody know when we can see them in Melbourne?
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    Trusts and Negative Gearing

    From: Even Steven Hi gurus Tell me, is it possible to have negatively geared properties held in a trust and still get the income tax benefits of negative gearing against your salary. Thanks
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    Calling all original chatters

    RE: Calling all chatters Reply: From: Even Steven Duncan Someone once told me "little kids, little problems, big kids, big problems". Steve
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    What a dill!

    Reply: 1 From: Even Steven No worries TW, I was only joking.
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    Reply: From: Even Steven And give the kids lots of sugary lollies!!
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    Natural limits to Capital Gains in IP

    Reply: From: Even Steven Glenn I think you are assuming that property prices are tied to wages and that they can't go up if wages don't go up. I think there is very little connection between property prices and wages. In Sydney property prices have risen much faster than wages for...
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    From: Even Steven There have been a lot of posts in this forum by people who have done really well with their IP's but I'm sure that's just one side of the coin. Would any investor's out there be willing to share their disaster stories with us so we can get a balanced picture?
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    No more abbreviations

    Reply: From: Even Steven Thanks for that Jacque. You do realise that I was joking though.
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    No more abbreviations

    Reply: From: Even Steven Dale Best of luck. I think they even have internet access to this forum IP so no worries. The pub crawl is in Sydney, isn't it?
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    No more abbreviations

    Reply: 1.3.1 From: Even Steven I always thought the following: IO - including outhouse P&I - pissed and indecent OTP - on top please DSR - damn stupid ruling CBA - can't bloody add IP - in prison