1. C

    PPOR - Advice on Floorplan

    Hi Everyone, We've recently purchased a new PPOR. Were deciding on a floorplan for the house before we look at going to builders/renos. I've attached a copy of the 'original' floorplan plus the 'proposed' floorplan I've come up with. Some notes: -Plan to add a third bedroom -Split the...
  2. H

    Have to buy PPOR in Darwin...HELP!

    Hi Guys, My wife and I need a place of our own in Darwin. This is less a financial decision, more an emotional one. We love Darwin and will be staying. Still....I don't want to go financially under just to get a roof either. The Darwin market is slowing down. The mining boom is ending...
  3. T

    The Next Step

    Hello all I would appreciate any advice from you guys in the know! I have been a long time lurker on these pages I am 34 years old and currently have my own home and 2 Investment properties and although my friends think im some sort of investing guru, that could not be further from the...
  4. Y

    Apartment horror story

    Hi all, My name is Yolanda Redrup and I'm a journalist with the Australian Financial Review. I'm working on a story about apartment horror stories - anything from pest infestations, exorbitant rents or sale prices, poor ventilation or noisy neighbours. If anyone has a story they'd be...
  5. T

    Good areas in North Brisbane?

    Hi All! I'm interested in purchasing my PPOR in North Brisbane with the view to live in it for a few years (perhaps do a few renos) then use it as an investment and rent it out in say 5 years or so. Any thoughts on good areas/places I should be considering? My husband and I are currently...
  6. A

    Independent Financial and Property Pty Ltd

    My wife and I have been courted by Independent Financial and Property Pty Ltd based in Brisbane / Gold Coast. As rank new comers to property investment, we are wondering if anyone has dealt with them or have any information they can share. All comments are welcomed. Cheers
  7. S

    Should I cut losses on IP? Advice appreciated

    Hi, Bought IP in the Whitsundays in QLD in 2006 as a naive, uneducated investor. Was given usual dream of "doubling money in 10 years etc". As this was pre-GFC, was given 110% loan to roll my existing car loan into (now I cringe at this). End result: PP of $225k, car loan $30k, renos +...
  8. S

    $600k to play with, Advice?

    Hi Community, Im currently looking at buying my first house and IP. if you were in my suituation what would you do and how would you structure it, buy one cash..yes/no? i have worked my a*se off and have $600k to play with. All advice much appreciated
  9. impala67

    Best Real Estate Investment quotes or Investment quotes

    It would good to hear from fellow SS'ers regarding some of the best quotes they have heard or seen related to investment, &/or advice, & where it came from. :D A lot of people quote Donald Trump, Warren Buffet or other well known sources. Hopefully we can inspire some people, lets see...
  10. ellers

    Disillusioned with our property folio

    Hi, I'm not sure if this will be the right place to air this, but I'm not sure where else to start. My wife and I have built a folio of 13 properties since 1998 (when we were just out of uni and girlfriend/boyfriend). I know this is a small folio by some standards but by others, it's a...
  11. janglesey

    Bailiff Auction

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has purchased property through a bailiff auction. I am in Perth and am currently in the process of trying to secure a property through this process. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has actually purchased property via this means. Any advice on...
  12. S

    Advice/opinion/guidance wanted!!!

    Hi everyone, I need your help. I'll try explain... my wife and I have decided to use the equity in our house in Albury NSW for a deposit to either buy or build another property (house, not unit). We bought the house a few years ago as our PPOR but have since moved to Darwin so its currently...
  13. C

    Startup advice?

    Hi everyone, I am in the process of setting up an online startup in the real estate space, that I think will disrupt the traditional model and bear fruit for agents and sellers. I am looking for experienced agents that may be interested in meeting to discuss this concept, with a view to...
  14. S

    Issues related to strata property

    Have posted some information and practical advice that may be useful when buying strata property in NSW: Issues related to owners corporation, strata managers, BMC, legal etc.
  15. F

    Gladstone finished or has some steam?

    I am in a good position in that I have the opportunity to purchase an NRAS house and land package in Calliope (25min for Gladstone) for 45k less than what non nras are currently selling. I am I bit concerned about the recent oversupply of new housing there. We all know it takes time for...
  16. D

    property not what they said.

    Hello. I bought a newly built property in Brisbane approx 1 year ago that was advertised and sold as a dual income dual living property. Basically a 3 bedroom single level house with a double garage on one end and a 2 bedroom unit on top of the garage. both are completely independent of each...
  17. C

    Advice to 23yo wanting to build an investment portfolio

    Hi SS, I have read a lot of take home messages on this forum and now browse daily, I was hoping to get some advice/tips for my situation from any body that is willing to assist. I am a 23yo, still living at home, expecting to get full time employment in the coming weeks (50k per annum) and...
  18. angel0death

    Difference between CBA's Offset Loan (MISA) and Line of Credit

    Hi. I want to refinance my IP, and was approved for CBA's Line of Credit. However, reading some of the posts in this forum, there's always mention to have an offset account instead because Tax declarations will be much cleaner. CBA has the MISA product which is basically an offset account...
  19. K

    Advice on book selection please

    I am looking to soon begin my venture into the the world of Property Investing and I would like to start by reading a few intelligent, yet simple, books within the field. The first stage of my strategy is to start a positive cash flow portfolio. From what I gather- Jan Somers, Margaret Lomas...
  20. angel0death

    Which book?

    Hi. I'm just starting to look into investment properties, and I'm wondering if there is a good book out there to give me a good idea on investment property strategies, what to look out for, how to structure it to maximize tax returns, etc. I'm not sure if there is an up-to-date book which...