air conditioner

  1. WASP

    Tenant want's A/C

    PM has advised the tenant want's A/C in the bedroom and has offered to go halves We're thinking it's best we pay 100%, but lift the rent accordingly at lease renewal
  2. T

    split system brands - Actron, Fujitsu, Daikon

    ive just had a quote for two split system air conditioning units in my PPOR. an 8kw downstairs and a 2.5kw in the master bedrooms. The quote gave me three brands, Daikon, Fujitsu and Actron. the actron being the cheapest and Daikon being most expensive with around $1000 being the difference...
  3. Alex P Keaton

    Increasing Rental Yield - Air Conditioning

    Hi Just wanted to get your opinion and advice! :) I'm wondering if it is worth it to put air con in to my unit. I'm in two minds whether to do it or not. I bought it in December 2009. It costs me around $1-2 pa to hold this property. I currently get $220 per week in rent. Strata put in a...
  4. Alex P Keaton

    Air Con Installation Confusion & Frustration

    Everyone is telling me different things and I am sooooo confused All I want to do is put a godam air con in my unit :mad: My unit is #9 up the far end of the building complex on the top floor. The mains switchboard is next to #1 about 15 or 20 metres away. Sorry for starting this new...