1. C

    Where to invest - Anywhere in Aus?

    I can borrow $1M to buy investment(s) anywhere in Australia. I'm mid 30s and single. Salary is $160K and have about $5k per month to contribute investments. I have 1 IP in Sydney worth $600k. costs $2k pa to hold. - Cash (in offset account) =$200k. - I also have $500k in shares. I?m currently...
  2. H

    Property developers

    Hi Guys, So my family have a property in the heart of Bowral, we have being informed by council that the land will be subdivied and we are waiting to find out the lot sizes. Worst case scenario is we will only be able to subdivide and allow one mroe bhouse on the bottom block. Either way the...
  3. Australia really is a BIG country!

    Australia really is a BIG country!

    Australia really is a BIG country!
  4. kokonaing

    Oz Property News iPhone App

    Just stumbled upon the following app in the App Store. Hoping that you guys might be interested in it, just to share the news: Oz Property News by Trusti Apps Category: Finance Updated: 12 Apr 2013 Oz Property News App is the only pathway to get ahead of other property investors...
  5. S

    Townhouse or House?

    Hi guys, I am new to this forum so apologies in advance if I have posted in the wrong place. Basically, I am looking at purchasing an investment property and have been getting help from a property investment company in Melbourne. I am looking at buying in Craigieburn in Victoria. I...