Hi Guys,

So my family have a property in the heart of Bowral, we have being informed by council that the land will be subdivied and we are waiting to find out the lot sizes. Worst case scenario is we will only be able to subdivide and allow one mroe bhouse on the bottom block. Either way the land will be worth about $400,000. The house itself is very big 6 bedrooms and a study, 3 storeys, and self contained accomodation (my parents converted the old horse stables into a granny flat with its own big balcony that over looks Bowral) The main house also has uninterrupted views. The reason for selling is the home is far two big for my mum and dad. Both are now in the sixties. It is such a great property for an investor or developer but I don't know how to go about approaching them. Does anyone have any ideas?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
You want to sell it for them or buy it yourself?

If you want to sell it, simply put it on the open market.

Developers do not pay 'top price' like they show in the movies. They pay as little as possible to maximise their profits.

Putting it on the open market means you will attract the attention of the developers, and also home owners who may love the uninterrupted views.
We want to sell it to a developer or someone who can see the value in the land.

I think that is what we will end up doing, just putting it on the open market. Seems the best and easiest way to go.

Thank you :)
the property is valued at $1.6 million without the subdivision, it currently sits on over 6000m2 and is only a 5 minute walk to the town.