1. Richard Feynman

    How much puff does Sydney have left?

    While I stopped buying in Sydney more than a year ago, I still reckon it's got some steam left in this cycle and am curious to hear what others think. This is part of a learning process for me; a combination of analysing data and trends (local, national and international), observing investor...
  2. J

    Auckland higher deposits required

    The New Zealand Reserve Bank announced yesterday that investors buying properties in Auckland city will require a 30% deposit if a mortgage is wanted from a commercial bank (eg ANZ, Westpac etc). A 20% deposit was introduced last year nationwide. This is scheduled to apply from October this...
  3. H

    Have to buy PPOR in Darwin...HELP!

    Hi Guys, My wife and I need a place of our own in Darwin. This is less a financial decision, more an emotional one. We love Darwin and will be staying. Still....I don't want to go financially under just to get a roof either. The Darwin market is slowing down. The mining boom is ending...
  4. M

    Brisbane- Sell now to Rent?

    Hi I'm new here so go easy on me :) In fact it's my first ever forum post of any forum. My wife and I recently went unconditional on a contract for sale of our house in a Brisbane suburb. I've had a lot of friends and work colleagues telling me now is the wrong time to rent and we should look to...
  5. Property Hotspots in Spain

    Property Hotspots in Spain

    This is a shot of a pile of books outside an Oxfam charity shop in Ealing. I'm tempted to go and pick it up to see what predictions were being made a few years back, and compare with how things panned out.