1. N

    Grab a bargain in Sydney?

    I know there would be some people on here that are on the lookout for bargains in Sydney. So i've found some properties that have potential... lets say that the advertising won't attract many buyers, which is evident in the amount of people viewing the listings. Any keen people can try...
  2. Scott No Mates

    Ripe for the picking

    Here's a little gem in Blacktown - just cracks the $400k mark. (I thought all the cheapies had gone).
  3. Spades

    Cheap bathroom supplier S/E Melb?

    Hi All, Does anyone know of a cheap bathroom supplier in melbourne? I'm after cheap,second hand,factory seconds for an ip. I've sourced a shower,taps that came to 150$. Still need shower base and vanity cupboard,basin and taps. I've had a quote on the above close to home at 400$...
  4. P

    Where to buy the family home?

    Hi Guys, just wondering if anyone knows any good suburbs to buy a 3 bedroom house under 850k in Sydney's inner west? Also considering other places besides the inner west - about 40min max from Sydney CBD - preferably close to a train station. Been looking at heaps of areas but nothing...
  5. S

    Highly recommended Perth cabinet maker

    Hi All, I've recently come across a cabinet maker that i was very happy with and would like to recommend, Azztek Kitchens in Mandurah. Check out and THey have 2 ranges, their regular range and a more affordable Azztek Basics range which is...
  6. Near-abandoned shopping strip

    Near-abandoned shopping strip

    More from the cheap suburbs series.
  7. Doing up an ol' farmhouse

    Doing up an ol' farmhouse

    Hi all Thought you might be interested in our very rough DYI bare bones budget reno of an old removal post war disaster that we bought for the future land value. A mate sprayed the interior and exterior palings for us, we water blasted the v mouldy terracotta roof tiles (the real old...
  8. Cheap for you

    Cheap for you