1. T

    Bond transfer issue

    Hi, I seen other people posting here with broadly similair problems and though you guys might be able to offer some advice. So about 16 months ago we (Me and housemate) had another temporary housemate leave, and when they did they never bothered to sign the bond transfer, or formally...
  2. thydzik

    can the bond be used to pay landlord insurance excess?

    hi all quick question, i am going through a landlord insurance claim for rent default, I was wondering if the bond can be used to cover the insurance excess? thanks
  3. S

    Regular payments to Investment loan

    Regular payments to IO Investment loan Hi, I'm a new to prop investing and I'm thinking about making fortnightly payments to my Interest Only Investment loan to reduce the amount of interest charged on it to a point where I can manage the payments comfortably. Yes I know you are probably...
  4. W

    Negligence claim against agent help please

    Info please re one of the items claimed against real estate negligence in general division OFT. The laundry cabinet (lined internally with white melamine, external hardwood) was full of mould and damp and smelly. On the final inspection report the PM had not mentioned its condition, (along with...