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    Fees commercial vs residential

    What can I expect fee wise when getting involved in commercial property as opposed to residential? Are rates the same? Or is there extra due to being commercial? Insurances? Is there a general rule of thumb? TIA
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    Office MSB

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    Outdoor tearoom/commercial kitchen
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    Question re tenant selling leasehold

    Hi, If the tenant in a commercial property decides to sell the Leasehold (the business), how does this affect the Freehold commercial property owner. I cannot find any reference to this in the lease itself. Does the prospective new tenant just take over the lease? Or is a completely new one...
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    Residential or commercial loan?

    Hi guys. I am having some finance problems and hopefully someone has been through something similar before. I have a contract on a piece of land in QLD. The previous owner has development approval going through council (not approved yet) to sub divide the lot into 20 blocks. The bank is...
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    Renting out a resi/comm (mixed used) is a pain

    Hey all, In about 5 weeks time I will be the proud owner of a resi/commercial (mixed) in the inner west (<5km from CBD by foot)! The property itself is 80% resi and 20% commercial. The ground floor has a commercial unit with an office space of about 6mx6m facing the street, a separate spacious...
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    Bank of mum and dad

    Hi all, I've made an offer for a property and am currently in the process of arranging finance. The (BIG!) issue is that the property is 20% commercial and 80% resi. Every bank I've approached does not want to touch it with a 10ft pole. However, one bank is willing to lend to me @ 60% LVR. My...
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    Mackay Commercial/Residential

    Hi all I own a small parcel of land in the cbd in Mackay just over 2000sqm I don't really know what to do with it... A few option I have considered is building a commercial high rise building ( I'm not to sure what the demand is like ) Or build a residential highrise ( I personally think...