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    New apartment prices on the Gold Coast?

    I'm looking to buy my first home on the Gold Coast and found this article interesting - apparently there's only two new apartment developments on the GC selling with an average under $400k - with the average price across the city over $800k?? I work around Robina so the Merrimac project...
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    First home, subdivision

    Hi, Chasing some advice on my current situation and proposed investment idea. I am a first home buyer I have been looking at properties that have sufficient space to subdivide, ie around 800-1000sqm around the inner Geelong area. I'm considering one property which I anticipate will go for...
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    Difficult finance proposition

    I can already picture some of the responses I'm going to get for this post, but figure if I don't ask, I will never find out. So here goes... I recently found a great little property that I would love to be able to buy - a first home - but my circumstances mean that, on paper, I look like a...
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    $600k to play with, Advice?

    Hi Community, Im currently looking at buying my first house and IP. if you were in my suituation what would you do and how would you structure it, buy one cash..yes/no? i have worked my a*se off and have $600k to play with. All advice much appreciated
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    Buying first home with view to IP in Canberra

    I?ve been browsing the past posts on Canberra and I thought it was time to post our situation. We?re looking to buy our first home as a PPOR with a view to future IP in Canberra. My OH currently works in Barton and rents in Kingston. He has been in Canberra just over 12 months. I?m currently...
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    Sydney or Newcastle?

    Hi guys, First time poster, long timer reader seeking your thoughts. My partner and I are considering entering the property market. We have been saving for a long while and are stable in our jobs 75k each before tax. We are late 20s, 300k in mostly cash, no debt. We currently renting in...
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    FTB seeking opinions on Regional VIC, up to 50km from Melbourne?

    We've been procrastinating for far too long and think we should make 2013 the year to buy our first home. My husband and I would be willing to spend up to/around 300K, perhaps more, and are open to feedback on areas you might recommend. We're looking for somewhere regional, up to 50km...
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    First home buyer - Melbourne - what would you do?

    I understand everyone has different needs, strategies and plans when deciding to buy a property. I would like to know, what would YOU do if you were in this position - single 30 years old currently renting and looking to buy a place (PPOR or IP) in Melbourne (preferably in the SE suburbs) at a...
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    North Parramatta

    Hi All, I am first home buyer and Planning to buy townhouse at North Parramatta, I like to know whether it’s a safe place to live. We are young couple and we are expecting our first baby in 2 months time, We liked the townhouse but I like to know more about school and house...
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    First Home/Investment - St Kilda or Pakenham or Chelsea (VIC)

    I am currently in the market for my first home with a budget of $350k My intention is to occupy it for the first 6-12 months to avoid capital gains, then consider my next step once the time has passed. I am tossing up between a few suburbs at the moment and it has become clear that certain...
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    Considering of buying first house in Port Melbourne.. Advice?

    Hey all, I am looking at buying my first home in Port Melbourne, ideally 1-2 bedroom where affordable. As it will be my first home would love to hear some advice from people who live in port melb or general experts. Ideally i wouldn't want to pay much over 400k. Thanks guys.:)
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    Leasing a property as a first home buyer

    I am a first home buyer and have paid my 0.25% and am currently on a cooling-off period. If everything goes well, within the next 8 days I will get the property, a 2-bedroom unit. There is a tenant currently living in the property. As I've understood, a first home buyer can lease a property...
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    Trying to choose between two properties

    Hi All, Hoping I can use the expertise of this forum to shed some light our way... We are buying our first home with investment in mind. Ideally we need 3 bedrooms but wouldn't mind on a 2 bed house with potential to add a 3rd. We don't want to have a huge mortgage as next year we will...