Considering of buying first house in Port Melbourne.. Advice?

Hey all,

I am looking at buying my first home in Port Melbourne, ideally 1-2 bedroom where affordable.

As it will be my first home would love to hear some advice from people who live in port melb or general experts.

Ideally i wouldn't want to pay much over 400k.

Thanks guys.:)
Almost nothing in Port Melbourne for that price, except perhaps this, but it's small, old, no parking and from memory, opposite housing commission flats.

I think you'd need to be looking at, at least $450K to get a reasonable 1 bedroom apartment in Port Melbourne.

If I were you, I'd look at perhaps Elwood area, you'd probably get a 1 bedroom there for your budget.
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Depends on OP lifestyle..

I've lived in southbank before and St Kilda East..
If PPOR, I would actually prefer St Kilda East if within 5 mins walking distance to cafe's on carlisle st.. More relaxed feel to it and away from CBD work place reminders.
hmm that is true but at the same time low-rise apartments in the outer suburbs are quite expensive. Plus they don't have views or good facilities, thereby detracting from getting good tenants who pay lots of rent.