help and feedback

  1. H

    Planning certificate

    Hi There, Can anyone tell me about a S149 Planning Certificate. How do I go about getting one? What information will it provide me with? Help I am drowning in things I cannot understand:confused:
  2. D

    Advice on investment strategy please

    Hi, am new to this forum but am humbly seeking advice on how to next invest in my porfolio. Currently I have 3 IP in my portfolio. But have made mistakes in the past and am just starting to learn more about property investing. Financial situation as follows: I have $500k in equity from...
  3. Jake Milne

    What problems have you encountered when you're looking to buy property?

    Okay, I've decided to post this partially because I'm interested in seeing what aspects of purchasing the majority of us here need help with. Once we've got a good list there should be some common themes and then I and the community can write posts to help everyone out! So guys, I put it...
  4. P

    Advice needed on helping sell a distressed property

    Hi I have friends who are in trouble and need to sell their house to pay huge medical bills. They're expats, so they were not covered by Medicare and their insurance company wants them to pay everything upfront. In addition, they have used almost every cent of equity in their home and are a few...
  5. 2

    Granny flat help. Fence set back and council approval

    Hi I would love to get some feedback regarding council approval if anyone knows or has gone through something similar. I have a council approved 54m2 brick veneer double garage, concrete slab, 3.2m roof height, I'm on a corner block 600m2 and the garage has its own access from side street and...
  6. A

    IP No2 LOC or 2nd Loan?

    Would love all opinions from the forum on options of refinancing to fund deposits on 2nd IP and hopefully 3rd. We are about to refinance with CBA to access available equity for deposits on 2 more IP's. We are still undecided whether to go for a normal variable rate loan or a LOC? Have...