1. S

    First investment property- Gold coast

    Hello all Just looking for people's thoughts about buying in the Gold coast. There's an opportunity to buy a new 4 Bedroom house and land package in Coomera. With a lot of new development, a westfield shopping center being opened and high demand for rental it seems like a good...
  2. T

    Brisbane Market

    Hi Everyone, I am brand new to the site:rolleyes: I am looking at my second Investment property in the Brisbane market.. I previously bought my first Investment property in Feb 2012 in Glenmore Park,Sydney for $317k.. This has been going along nicely with a bit of CG and stable tenants That...
  3. laurieload

    Deposit for interstate purchase

    Hi everyone, Have done a search and can't find anything.. Please can someone tell me whether it is common these days to do direct bank transfer into the REA's trust account for a holding deposit/full deposit on an interstate purchase? Need to act quickly and no time to do muck around...
  4. Alex P Keaton

    MB who is interstate ?

    Using a MB who is interstate ? I always thought that it would be too difficult to work with an mb who lives in another state to you. Are there many ss's who do this? I guess you can communice by email. Phone calls would be expensive though wouldn't they? Is skype easy to download? Msn...