joint ventures

  1. Prop Meeting WA

    Perth Property Meeting 24 June - Did you know 1 + 1 = 3?

    This meeting will be on the subject of Joint Ventures with an investor that has had a lot of experience in the area and a lawyer, so all bases covered. The first speaker for the night will be our very own Jeremy Jacka. Jeremy has had a day job in project management, owned and run a small...
  2. A

    Getting Started In Property - Unity Funding

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and this is my first post. I'm hoping to receive some of your wisdom. Has anyone heard of Unity Funding by Dominique Grubisia? If you have, what are your thoughts on what they propose? So you understand why I'm asking this question I'll tell you a little...
  3. Prop Meeting WA

    Perth Property Meeting 25 Sept - Pilbara Update and Investing with others

    Wandering about what is happening up in the Pilbara given all of the recent publicity about the end of the mining boom? Also have you ever thought about investing with others but did not know where to start. Well? this month you will learn about both. For more information please see...
  4. H

    International Joint Venture - All in our name?

    Hey guys. My sister-in-law from South Africa wants to invest in Australian property. She’ll provide the cash but the not cashflow. My wife and I have very little spare cash of our own, but just enough cashflow to gear her deposit up to about 85% LVR, but are dying to buy another IP because...
  5. Amadio

    Joint Ventures: how is the money and effort valued?

    Potsa Cash is sitting on a pile of cash and looking for a property investment, Savvy Investor would like funds to put together more deals. If Savvy Investor is willing to do the the hard yards to put a deal together using Potsa Cash's funds, at what point are they equal partners in the...