line of credit

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    Retiree seeks line of credit on low LVR acreage property to access reno funds

    The South Australian property was a successful business before being relocated and bought by us for private purposes, but now plans have been made to renovate, re-start the business and sell. All plans drawn up, property is acreage with heavy exposure to traffic/potential customers and a...
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    LMI Tax query

    I have just refinanced to open a line of credit which is to be exclusively used for property investment. We had to leverage to 90% to get a satisfactory amount, thus incurring LMI. I mistakenly believed the LMI would all be placed on the LOC (tax deductible over 5 years as an investment expense)...
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    Loc investing questions

    Hi, I'm looking for a little advice on whether a loc loan is the right way to go or not. We currently have a fixed rate loan of on PPOR and a interest only loan on a block that is currently being built on. The investment loan is secured against our PPOR. I'm about to purchase another...
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    Need to refinance?

    I currently have a LOC on the mortgage for PPOR which is turning into a IP (dont you love the all the acronyms), do i need to refinance to make it a IO offset account for easy management? or can i continue to use the LOC? From what i researched the offset account is the way to go, but if i...