1. Richard Feynman

    I just overlaid my Marrickville purchases onto a suburb growth chart.

    A fun exercise. The data is to April 2014. I got this data in MyWealth's suburb data area. So you can try this yourself on your purchases in a particular suburb, if you want. I'm pretty sure the site is free to use. I'm a numbers and data nerd so I enjoyed this.
  2. Richard Feynman

    Just bought in Marrickville

    This place popped up the other week and I pounced. It's a stone's throw from my PPOR in a really nice, well maintained complex. There's a high number of owner-occupiers who take pride in the appearance of the common areas. The building backs onto a pond, and is well in off the street. The sounds...
  3. C

    Southern suburbs the way to go in Syd?

    I’ve been prompted to my first post by information overload! I'm trying to 'limit the scope of inquiry'. Because I work for a church I currently live in a parish provided house but in 20 years time my wife and I will need to buy a place of our own for retirement somewhere in ‘middle...