1. O

    Visa requirement for New Caledonia

    I am applying for a visa for my wife (Australian Permanent Resident) for us to travel to New Caledonia on a cruise ship. I am an Australian and do not require a visa. One of the visa requirement is: Evidence of sufficient financial resources: recent bank statement (credit card statement not...
  2. sashatheman

    Can bank a/c fees e.g MISA be partly tax deductible?

    Hi quick question. If you have a bank package like we do 'Mortgage Interest Saver Account' (MISA) that gives you an offset account, credit cards etc, and you get charged a yearly fee I think mine is $350. Can any of that fee be tax deductible because we use the offset account that is part of...
  3. angel0death

    Difference between CBA's Offset Loan (MISA) and Line of Credit

    Hi. I want to refinance my IP, and was approved for CBA's Line of Credit. However, reading some of the posts in this forum, there's always mention to have an offset account instead because Tax declarations will be much cleaner. CBA has the MISA product which is basically an offset account...