1. P

    Losing faith/trust in lawyers (selling property)

    Have any of you been with a lawyer when selling a property that you begin to wonder if they can handle the money transfer part of the settlement even? The lawyer I am using will not admit he made a mistake when he exchanged contracts and put down 1 month extra in the settlement period instead...
  2. Peter_Tersteeg

    Top 10 property valuation myths

    A broker publication came out this afternoon with the following article written by Propell national Valuers: The top 10 property valuation myths In summary the aleged myths are: 1. “Swimming pools add no value” 2. “Bank valuations are always conservative” 3. “Valuers don’t spend enough time...
  3. W

    Suing property manager solicitor Syd please

    Suing property manager, any recommendations for a solicitor in western Sydney Parramatta area. My local solicitor suggested a person more specialised in this area of law. Know anyone who manages these cases?
  4. W

    Statute of Limitation

    I am preparing a claim for negligence against a real estate agent who managed my property. Could you let me know about the time limits for claims? I believe for damages it is 3 years (or is that only the tenancy division) and have read for services provided it is 10years. What is the time...
  5. W

    Negligence claim against agent help please

    Info please re one of the items claimed against real estate negligence in general division OFT. The laundry cabinet (lined internally with white melamine, external hardwood) was full of mould and damp and smelly. On the final inspection report the PM had not mentioned its condition, (along with...