off-the-plan development

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    Agent impossible to contact

    I bought an off-the-plan property in Western Sydney in Dec 2010; I live in Melbourne. The agent told me construction had been delayed about 6 months due to some missing council approval. Soon after, the agent was made redundant. I have tried to contact his nominated replacement and she never...
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    Deposit down on OTP property - difficulty obtaining finance. Options?

    Hi all, Back in late 2009 I put a 10% deposit of $37k for an off-the-plan purchase of a $370k 1 bedroom apartment in Hamilton, Brisbane. The apartment was intended to be an IP and rented out once built to assist with loan repayments. Since 2009 my financial situation has drastically...
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    Buying in South Brisbane..postal area 4101

    Hi Guys, Im considering buying in South Brisbane, Im looking at an off the plan completed in mid 2012 with a value of 550k to 650k depending on size etc. Can anyone advise if south brisbane is considered a good place for capital growth in the next few years. Any recomendations would...