1. T

    The Next Step

    Hello all I would appreciate any advice from you guys in the know! I have been a long time lurker on these pages I am 34 years old and currently have my own home and 2 Investment properties and although my friends think im some sort of investing guru, that could not be further from the...
  2. tempura


    when I requested valuation from my bank, she asked "how much do you think you are going to purchase this property for?" in another way of paraphrasing the question, "how much do you think the property worth?" Why does the bank ask this question? Will my answer influence on how the value...
  3. K

    Settlement / Purchase costs

    Hi all, I'm looking at trying to buy my second I.P (thanks to the wonderful help of you magnificent forum members). I have a question on the acquisition of funds for settlement costs (such as stamp duty, conveyancing fees etc). I plan on taking a new loan at 95% LVR and have enough funds...
  4. laurieload

    Deposit for interstate purchase

    Hi everyone, Have done a search and can't find anything.. Please can someone tell me whether it is common these days to do direct bank transfer into the REA's trust account for a holding deposit/full deposit on an interstate purchase? Need to act quickly and no time to do muck around...
  5. J

    First Big Purchase

    Hi all... current portfolio = approx. 1.4M mortgaged at around 70%. We are looking... possibly pipe-dreaming at a project somewhere between $2M - $3M. The basic numbers stack up -- but very worried about overpaying, and also worried about serviceability. Property is currently grossing...
  6. A

    2 IP's On Same Settlement Date

    Hi, Hoping someone here can help out with a little advice. We have a contract on a unit which is to settle on 23rd March 2011. We have just had an offer accepted on another unit, also to settle on 23rd March 2011. Both in Adelaide, SA. I remember reading about saving on purchase costs...