when I requested valuation from my bank, she asked "how much do you think you are going to purchase this property for?"

in another way of paraphrasing the question, "how much do you think the property worth?"

Why does the bank ask this question? Will my answer influence on how the value being calculated? I certainly doubt it will be, but I thought I ask :)
Is this a desktop or full valuation?

Sounds like it might be a desktop val based on a property you're keen on. If that's the case - they'll need to put in an "estimate" value for the property.


They expect that you'll have some idea of what the property is worth, which a report generated using data sets may not. For example, the report doesn't know if you've renovated or extended since the property was last transacted.

If the estimate comes within the boundaries of a statistical acceptable range, the CBA online valuation will use the estimate. If its outside of that range they may get a full valuation done to get more detailed information.

It's not that different to the lender providing the purchase price to a valuer when you purchase a property. In theory the valuer should know what the market value of the property is. In practice, by purchasing the property for $X, you've defined the market value and the valuer is really just ensuring that the price you've paid is within a reasonable range.