1. P

    Melb buyers agent recommendation ppor

    I'm after recommendations for a friendly and sympathetic buyers agent to help my mum buy a unit in mid-ring or inner Melbourne (north or east) after a late life marital break-down. Recommendations?
  2. Alex P Keaton

    Real Estate Recommendations

    Can you please pm me real estate agents you have been happy with or post it here. I'll be interviewing soon. Thanks! :)
  3. C

    Accountants around Canterbury/Bankstown

    Hi, Finally getting the ball rolling with pre-approval for an investment property and now am looking for suggestions for a good accountant to talk to. My partner and I are starting small, with an aim of reducing the length of our current home loan, so am not looking for someone who can...
  4. W

    Recommended Tradies and Other Useful Contacts

    As per the thread regarding "mates rates" I am not really looking for "mates rates" as such, but like the idea of having tradies recommended. In my case we have used our kitchen cabinet maker for nearly 20 years, and sent him lots and lots of work, but he has now retired, so we are lost when it...